Monday, November 19, 2007

Inevitable? Not!

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Hillary Clinton no longer sits atop the polls in Iowa. Barack Obama has now pulled ahead, with 30%, and Clinton is at 22% and John Edwards is at 22%. 

Why is Obama surging? Well, this speech at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner had to help. It was beyond brilliant. Check it out:

If you can watch that and not be inspired by him, I do not know what it will take.

That is not to say that I think he is perfect - far from it, and in many ways, I prefer Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Biden has no chance in heck despite having just about every state representative in Iowa endorsing him and having the most foreign policy experience. In fact, on most issues, the candidates seem to defer to Biden, as he points out in this ad:

My hope is that when a candidate does emerge from the scrum, they take Biden in and make him part of their campaign. Biden would make an excellent Secretary of State, or maybe even Vice President. Think Lloyd Bentsen. Compare this:

to this:

Looks like great Vice Presidential material to me...

The Best Political Ad Ever...

I am not exactly a Republican, or even close on most issues, but this is the best political ad ever. On multiple levels - the humor, the effect of getting everyone to talk about it, and the name recognition factor.

Mike Huckabee probably will not win the nomination - a sad fact of political reality is that money matters most, and he has some of the least - but he has clearly made a name for himself on a national level. He has shown that one can be a conservative and not be angry all the time too. If (when) he loses, it will not be the last we have heard of Mike Huckabee.


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